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SFPL_danielay added a title to their For later shelf Jul 16 2019

Sorry to Bother You

DVD - 2018
When telemarketer Cassius Green discovers the key to professional success, he finds his life at work becoming more and more bizarre.
SFPL_danielay made a comment Jul 16 2019
"Ok, this story of taxidermy and family in Florida is rather weird and if you are squeamish you might not like the guts and gristle descriptions of taxidermy preparation but if you keep with it, it is a rather touching story of family, loss and lea..." Permalink
SFPL_danielay made a comment Jul 03 2019
"In our homes we are never alone. Just like our bodies inside and outside are host to all kinds of bacteria and other living organism, our homes a full of life - most of it not visible with the naked eye. Surprisingly, we, including scientists, kno..." Permalink
SFPL_danielay made a comment Jun 13 2019
"A fun summer read. If you liked Lisa Lutz's Spellman Files you might enjoy this. Now I kind of with there really was a school for magicians in Sunol." Permalink
SFPL_danielay made a comment Jun 11 2019
"What a book! It took me to places I will never visit and did so in such an erudite and poetic way that I feel privileged to have read it." Permalink
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