The Unwomanly Face of War
The Unwomanly Face of War An Oral History of Women in World War II By Aleksievich, Svetlana Book - 2017 | First Edition

Review excerpt: "Trigger warnings for the explicit and implied deaths of children and animals, torture, PTSD, and sexual assault.

'The Unwomanly Face of War' is an oral history of women who fought for the Soviets in WWII. These women filled an incredible variety of roles. In addition to the famous Night Witches, the women who gave interviews for this book were sappers, partisans, underground resistance fighters, nurses, surgeons, antiaircraft gunners, front line soldiers, tankmen, telephone and radio operators, snipers, and more. The book is harrowing and discusses atrocities and moments of intense tragedy and pain. There is also humor, however, and the book puts a lot of attention on the women’s efforts to preserve a sense of normality by doing things like using baby pinecones as hair curlers, and their joy in finding a wildflower to keep in the bunker.

This book is a great read for people who are prepared to read about some awful emotional stuff, and for people who are interested in the roles women have played in history that have been largely erased."

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