The Unwomanly Face of War
The Unwomanly Face of War An Oral History of Women in World War II By Aleksievich, Svetlana Book - 2017 | First Edition

Author got herself a personal censor for writing a book on patriotic female volunteer in combat & non-combat roles because subject challenged the rosy "official" war history. Today's impersonal online troll nothing compared on face-to-face person who is paid by the government and making comments noted by author.
Heart wrenching stories from subjects via notebook, pencil, tape cassette & tape recorder with mental & health (hair going white to malnutrition) problems working in the front lines despite male chauvinism on top of postwar stigma from their countrymen. The warm rapport between author & interviewers is there in-between the lines
Story of male Russian major screaming "I hate Stalin!" & beseeching author not print his name despite dictator's 1953 death quite telling of a closed society...

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