The Unseen World
The Unseen World By Moore, Liz Book - 2016 | First edition

Everything about Ada Sibelius is unusual: the circumstances of her birth, her education, her hobbies and her socialization (or lack thereof). The book takes place mostly in the 1980s when her father is a scientist working in the early days of virtual reality and AI. When Ada’s father is incapacitated, she must live without him, staying with friends, socializing with children for the first time, everything is a scary unseen world for Ada. Talented at code breaking she must solve a code to find out her father’s background. As that work goes on she must solve other codes such as the code of the schoolyard. Eventually the resolution is a brave new unseen world that is a place of joy and fulfillment.
A great novel with unforgettable characters. One of the best of the year for me.

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