Between the World and Me
Between the World and Me By Coates, Ta-Nehisi Large Print - 2016 | Large print edition

Ghettostone Publications Company's Editor/Chief Michael R. Brown and
The BEST SELLERS BOOK CLUB's review of author Ta-Nehisi Coates "Between
The World And Me" . This book was insightful, thought provoking and deeply
honest self examination of the African American experience as described by the
writer. These heartfelt descriptions told as parables in letters from the author to
his new born son. The parables are warnings about the "particular institutions" of
American Life and the dangers of just being Black or Brown has attached to it.
The author painstakingly details American Culture that includes "white supremacy"
ideology which has influenced genocide, land grabs, enslavement of Africans and
what the author calls "pillaging" of humans beings. The book uses historical accounts,
news reports, government stats to make a hard arguments that are inescapable and undeniable. The writing style weaves conversation with literary references, historical records and News reports are upper level and not meant for a easy read. I appreciate
the quality of writing. The intellectual narrative. The hard facts that cause difficulty
for non-political folks who might not be used to the "real" truth about America's
treatment of it citizens based solely of "color". It's uplifting recounts of history and
progress of Civil Rights Movements is worthy of note, but the continuation of
ignorance combined with blatant hatred and abuse from law enforcement make
the reader shutter with grief as to "Why" the hate of a minority group that has
contributed to American for over 350 years even before many of those who practice hatred even arrived on American shores...... WHY? Highly recommended for folks who wish to be "woke" and those who need to review their personal impact on daily life and whether your helping to solve racial problems of today or you are part of the status quo.

BEST SELLERS BOOK CLUB and Ghettostone Publications Editor/Chief Michael R. Brown highly recommend this book for all of our life long learners and book lovers who grow with the times....!

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