Drood By Simmons, Dan Book - 2009 | First edition

There seems to be a distinct split in the opinion of this book from those who read it. I, for one, ate this book up in an embarrassingly short amount of time. The length of the book itself might be a turnoff for some, but this is my desperate plea to at least give this book a chance.

I'm a huge fan of atmospheric horror, the kind that gets under your skin and makes itself a nice cozy home . This book certainly delivers. You can smell the stench and rot weeping out of the Thames and the smoke engulfing the cramped brothels and bars. You can practically feel the darkness caving in as the protagonist delves deeper and deeper into London's underground. There's quite a few directions this book could take, and I'm very glad it didn't take the obvious route. There is a bit of backstory that is stretched out over the course of the novel that might not interest some but the depth of the story is phenomenal.
Just a tip- read it in the dark >:)

therhiannamater's rating:
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