Into Thin Air
Into Thin Air A Personal Account of the Mount Everest Disaster By Krakauer, Jon eBook - 1998

The summer after my senior year I went on an amazing trip to Colorado called Summer Field Studies. This was a trip that gathered students from area high schools--there were over 150 of us, I believe--and we trucked out West to camp, hike, rock climb, mountaineer, and even do some science in the field. It was an incredible experience that was capped off with a group of us summitting Long's Peak, the tallest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park. This trip was the inspiration for me seeking out Into Thin Air.

Into Thin Air follows the disastrous 1996 expedition up Mt. Everest. This is not giving anything away, as I believe this is even written on the front cover! Author Jon Krakauer actually was on this trip, so his first hand knowledge adds needed authenticity and excitement. It is gripping! Such a terrible thing to have happened--at least six climbers perish--but Krakauer sheds needed light on the perils of having guided climbs filled with inexperienced climbers up the world's tallest mountain.

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