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That Evening Sun

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Fleeing the retirement home where his son abandoned him, Abner Meecham sets out to reclaim his beloved Tennessee farmstead, only to find it's been leased to an old enemy, the volatile Lonzo Choat. After Abner intervenes to protect Choat's daughter from her drunken father's abuse, events spiral toward a startling, violent climax


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Jul 28, 2018

Even though there were some slow bits, I was drawn into the story. It had good dialogue with some wit in it as well. What I did not like was what happened to the dog, and the ending. Otherwise, it was a great movie.

Aug 30, 2017

Slow but absorbing story that rings true with the veteran Holbrook carrying the action. The cast is overall excellent, but Holbrook stands out as a senior on a mission to get back his homestead from interlopers, no matter the cost.

Aug 12, 2017

A man called Meecham found himself with a family of new neighbor on his farm set in rural Tennessee. Thought provoking if you put your feet in the shoes in any one of the film's six characters. Can't help but to compare and contrast with "A Man Called Ove," a dying breed of curmudgeon cantankerous bitter old widowers living their twilight years among us.

Jun 14, 2017

Fantastic. Wonderful acting from all involved. Cringingly real. I can understand both sides, from father and son. I loved how they wove in the flashbacks, wasn't confusing or overbearing. Lovely cinematography.

May 01, 2017

Excellent. Depicts what can happen to us seniors when we have to move into assisted living and break the bonds of the past. Was good to see Dixie Carter, Hal's deceased wife in some scenes from his past. Was good to see Barry Corbin again even though he has aged and put on weight.

Nov 02, 2015

Any oldster would probably enjoy this movie and any youngster would almost certainly hate it.

Aug 10, 2015

Hal Holbrook is hard to beat in any role he takes on, but this story didn't really meet what I felt the synopsis stated. It is about growing old & feeling helpless when the body fails & meaningful work is missing. I suppose there are elders that might like the communal living in the home he ends up in, depends on the person. He demonstrates his deep anger & frustration with a nasty, bitter attitude to cope. There were parts I laughed at & parts that made me cringe with recognition of similar thoughts. Certainly not for every viewer as it tugs at regrets, choices made that don't appear until late in life.

Dec 17, 2014

Themes of anger, regret and powerlessness abound in this quiet rural drama as two men rage against the forces that oppose them. While one refuses to accept the limitations imposed by illness and old age, the other feels forever branded by the mistakes he's made in the past. Only their respective children seem to grasp the truth behind all the posturing; Paul Meecham's memories of growing up with his dad are a little different than Abner's while sixteen-year old Pamela Choat senses the true source of her father's destructive outbursts. A final fiery confrontation, followed by an unexpectedly subdued coda, thwarts our Hollywood expectations and brings everything to an appropriate, if bittersweet, conclusion. The cast is magnificent.

Nov 18, 2013

Good movie. Shows the difficulties, emotions and losses that people who are aging go through.

Jul 25, 2013

A very good movies that makes you think about the difficulties how to deal with able but obstinate old people and their final years.

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Aug 12, 2017

Kid's got a right to make a living, Abner. You ought to be glad for him. He got out of this town, making something of himself.
-I am glad for him, Thurl, but there's a difference between leaving home
and forgetting the place altogether.
Julie comes over on Tuesday after she gets the kids to school, and then picks me up and takes me to town shopping. Makes sure I get my fiber.
You know, it's amazing. After they raise their own young' uns, they come back wanting to raise us.
I'm saying this ain't a game, Mr. Meecham! Now, we don't have money laying around to go and pay a bail man just so you can prove a point.

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Aug 12, 2017

Father and son verbal duel p1 of 2:
I never taught you to be greedy. You learned that somewhere else.
-This is not about greed. There's nothing out there for you anymore, Dad. Things change. Life goes on, and you gotta go on with it. There ain't any more to it than that.
-Life goes on, huh?
For those who let it.
-I'm an 80-year-old man with a bum hip and a weak heart. How much life you think I got left to go on with? I'm no fool, Paul. The road ahead, it ain't long and it ain't winding. It's short and straight as a goddamn poisoned arrow. But it's all I got, and I deserve to do with it as I please. And what makes me so angry is that I cut and scraped and did without... so that you could go to an expensive school and learn a trade which you now seem
intent on using to do me out of what has taken me a lifetime to accumulate!
This must be God's finest joke.

Aug 12, 2017

Father and son verbal duel p2 of 2:
So you're angry at me for getting an education.
-I'm angry at you for not caring about the only thing left that matters to me.
And I don't need a nurse.
Yeah, well, you need something, and it's not gonna be cheap, and I'm the one who has to pay for it.
-Then it is about money.
It's about you, Dad. It's about me trying to help you.
-I don't need your help.
You know, goddamn it, why can't you just be easy? For once?
Well, I wish you had something better to do with your life than sitting around being bitter and lonely.

Aug 12, 2017

You're just like all them. You don't think a man can change, make something better of himself.

You even walk like it.
-What's that?
White trash. You even walk like it.
-Heh. It amuses me. Must be great to be so funny.
Helps to pass the time.
-Thought you said that boy of yours was coming to haul you back to the nursing home today.
I guess he couldn't make it. Probably tried to call... but since you rednecks
can't pay a telephone bill, he likely had trouble getting through.
The fateful exchange:
I can't blame you for wanting out. But if you stayed here, he really would be
nicer to us. He'd have to be! I'm sure we can work it out. You can keep on
living out here.
He won't do nothing if it makes any effort.
-You wouldn't have called him lazy if you'd seen him beating those girls
with a rubber hose.


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